An Easy Way To Stay Healthy All Year

Everyone wants an easy way to be healthy, so here at FSA Spend, we make it as easy as possible to stay healthy, save money, and spend FSA funds smartly! Instead of letting your FSA balance expire, we provide you a convenient subscription service that sends awesome boxes straight to your door every month. These boxes contain high-quality health care
items and medical supplies that match your needs and mirror the seasons, providing you with the best items at the right time so that you always have the perfect tools to help you stay healthy and happy.

For example, in the Spring and Summer, you can receive allergy medicine, sunscreen, and a first aid kit to take on vacation. Then, when the weather starts getting colder in the Winter months, you get cold medicine, chest rub, and a thermometer to get through the cold and flu season with ease.

The best part is: you never have to leave the house nor do you have to deal with driving to the pharmacy (plus waiting in a dreadful line with the slowest cashier ever) when you’re not feeling well. Better yet, with FSA Spend you get to:

Spend all your FSA funds on items you actually need.
Stay healthy in your own way by adding your own items to your order.
Receive 12 boxes packed full of seasonal items and year round essentials.
Get high-quality medical supplies you need every month, without having to do anything.
Save your own money by getting essentials you didn’t know were FSA eligible.

Our subscription service is the easiest way to stay healthy all year long without ever leaving home or spending a dime. Plus, there are four box sizes to choose from depending on your FSA limits and your own health needs.

Save money and stay healthy all year long with FSA Spend subscription boxes

Three Steps To Get Better Health Delivered To Your Door Every Month

Click the button below to view and select the subscription that works for you

Place your order and add any additional items that you know you will need

Start receiving seasonally appropriate boxes full of items you will use every month

Boxes Built For You

We have four different subscription boxes depending on your own personal health needs and your FSA allowance. You can always add your own essential items to any subscription or change your order any time – it’s easy, simple, and straightforward!

Check out the 4 different subscription boxes below; our Essentials+ Box is our most popular package and is perfect for our first-time FSA Spend customers, although we are certain you will be happy and healthier no matter which box you receive.



This box is our most affordable option designed to carry only the essentials. This is a good choice for those who only have a small amount of excess FSA funds or people who need to add some more personalized options to their subscription every month.



This our Budget Box and contains more than what comes in the Basic Box. It will come with items that are seasonally appropriate and curated by our staff. This is a good option to keep you stocked up on items that you’ll need without bursting the cabinet!



If you choose this option, you get not just the essentials, but some additional items to boost your welfare and ensure that your FSA budget is going toward something useful. This is perfect for first-time FSASpend customers who want to see the greatness we deliver.



Our most complete subscription, the Wellbeing Box contains all the essentials, monthly needs and more! Plus, it’ll come with items appropriate for the season, so you’ll hopefully never run out of things like over the counter cold medicine, sunscreen, or other items when you might need them!